Create outstanding resumes

Rely on Nubel’s Hiring assistant to collect and synthetize data from your recruiting process.

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Smarter, not harder

At Nubel, we simplify your business. We’re your end-to-end solution, from HR to Hiring, Operations and Payroll.

No need to reinvent the wheel, our platform provides simple solutions for your business.

Find your true value

We believe technology should be your ally to delegate repetitive and low value tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

You are an unique, creative, and beautiful human being.

Go international

Expanding your business internationally involves so many things. Nubel helps you in that journey.

Connecting people around the world

With over 15 years of experience in international business, I’ve had different roles — from freelance developer to CEO and founder.

Currently, I lead an international dev shop, WeDevelop, and Nubel.

Nubel is the result of all this experience, plus the knowledge and experience of many of our partners and friends. It represents efficiency and simplicity. The sweet spot for high productivity.

Join us in this beautiful journey!


Abel Osorio

CEO at Nubel and WeDevelop

End to end simplicity and efficiency

Everything your company needs in one place. Isn't that nice?

ATS (Application Tracking System)

Lightweight yet sophisticated AI-powered ATS system.

Operations & Contract Management

From ATS to Operations. Manage all your staff, projects, and rates in one place.

AR Automation & Invoicing

You're clients will love the experience of paying you.

Elevate your business with Nubel