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A lot more than a CV

Resumes don’t do a good job representing the person or their experience. Resumes are outdated and limiting.

With Nubel, you’ll be invited to share way more information about you and your career.

Show your potential

In our Global Talent Pool your profile is more than just a resume, it’s a comprehensive representation of your skills and experience.

It’s You that’s unique and beautiful, not your CV.

Spend your time wisely

Use your time to enrich your profile, instead of just optimizing your resume for the Job Description.

Your time is too precious to spend it on endless interviews. Especially, when you’re asked the same questions over and over again.

Your international experience recognized

Nubel’s verification system allows you to verify your international work experience.

The next time someone asks you for “local experience”, send them your Nubel profile.


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Yes. Fully free.

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